Founded by internationally published photographer Andrew Mori, AMORI Photography has grown to become one of the best photography companies in Ventura County.


For decades, AMORI Photography was just a dream. I believe that a truly talented professional photographer should not limit him or herself to one specific style of the art. In today's world, versatility and a broadened mastery of skills is essential to stay ahead of the curve and maintain leadership in an industry. Having been raised in a family of artists, writers, scientists, and entrepreneurs, I absorbed a wide variety of skills that I have grown to appreciate as part of who I am, or who I could become. 

In the years since it's creation, I have developed AMORI Photography to become one of Ventura County's best and most reputable photography companies. I have had the pleasure of photographing thousands of engagements, animals, newborns, babies, kids, families, events, models, landscapes, architecture, and weddings. 

My love for the art of photography has helped me develop a passion for all things beautiful, whether it be people, things, or even the night sky above us. There is no type of photography that I will not do. To be graced with my vision, and to be able to capture moments in ways that invoke tears of joy, inspiration, and happiness- that is why I do what I do. - Andrew Mori

All photography featured on my website here was captured by me and put together beautifully by my design team led by Tiffany Dybvik. 


Team Members

Portraits by VC Estates

Tiffany Dybvik
Design Team Leader | Assistant Photographer

Andrew Mori
Owner | Primary Photographer


Associates & Staff

John Nasteff

Corey Stringer
SEO Management

Karla Maciel


Sydney Unseth

Jillienne Almonia

Andrew O'Donnell

Kevin Alcova

Brittany King

Nick Jackson