September 29th, 2015


As a photographer, I'll admit I've developed a particular "style" in my work. My eye is one that sees through the camera, the flashes around my subjects, through my digital cosmetology (or as many call it, photoshop), onto a blown up print, and onto my client's living room wall. When I take photographs during my sessions, my intent is to create a beautiful masterpiece that can be hung and proudly displayed.

Today, I stepped out of my comfort zone. A whole lot of photographers these days opt for natural lighting, and use whimsical / bohemian coloring in their editing. I've intentionally avoided this because I didn't want to be like everyone else. But then I realized that I'm not being like everyone else, because nobody else can shoot with as many styles as I can. So here's another style to add to my repertoire. 

Captured in 2015 by Andrew Mori, Ventura County Model Photographer and owner of AMORI Photography, Ventura County Model Photography Company. Model Photography Thousand Oaks.