January 1st, 2011


I absolutely love to travel. It offers a brief escape from the day to day, and provides me with a couple weeks of relief from my normal set of responsibilities. Finding a good place to eat, a renowned landmark to visit, or a popular bar to grab a drink at- it's one of my favorite things to do. My career as a photographer truly began in 2006 when I lived in Barcelona, Spain. The beauty of the architecture, the masterpieces and landscapes all around were truly inspiring in my creativity, and having been my first trip alone out of the United States, my love for capturing beauty had begun. 

When I returned in 2011 with my best friend Andrew, it was like nothing had changed. And yet, the glorious architecture and beauty of the city still captivated me. I had returned to my second home with legitimate camera equipment, and was able to capture these moments!

Captured in 2011 by Andrew Mori, Travel Photography in Barcelona Professional Photographer and owner of AMORI Photography, Ventura County Landscape Photography Company. Landscape Photography Barcelona, Spain.