July 15th, 2015


I took a leap of faith this year to pursue my passion for photography with all of my time, money, and energy. I left my day job, with only a portion of my bills covered through the end of the year through what I had already booked. Since March I've photographed over 125 sessions, and have been able to cover my financial needs while investing in better equipment, professional photography workshops, and a full time assistant. 

To push myself to my limits, out perform my last shoot, and over-deliver a fantastic product to my clients; this photograph represents everything I believe in. And yet it is just a single moment along my journey. Adam and Bernice proposed the idea to me of having their engagement photographed at Griffith Observatory, to which I obliged, and as a result I was able to produce this...

Captured in 2015 by Andrew Mori, Ventura County Engagement Photographer and owner of AMORI Photography, Ventura County Engagement Photography Company. Griffith Observatory Photography Los Angeles.